Amy is a psychotherapist, yoga instructor and writer living in coastal Maine. Among her written works are two completed manuscripts; Glen Stone, a middle-grade novel and Channel Crossing: The Challenge and Success of Solo Parenting, a self-help book. 



Professional background

Amy began her career in child welfare, where she worked in the fields of foster care and adoption. During her graduate tenure at Boston University, she was awarded a child welfare practitioners' stipend that allowed her to receive specialized training in family systems.  As part of her role as an Adoption Specialist, Amy was responsible for writing the Kinship Initiative implemented in Lynn, Massachusetts. The model was later used as a pilot for a nation-wide protocol offering children entering state custody the opportunity to stay connected to their birth families.

Licensed as an independent Clinician in 2001, Amy held a private practice in Los Angeles where began her interest in Kundalini Yoga as a pathway to personal awareness and healing. In 2005, she moved to Maine and joined the Midcoast Integrated Health Collaborative, a grassroots organization connecting Doctors with Therapists to improve patient care.  In 2007, Amy co-founded Esprit Counseling, one of the first school-based counseling programs in Midcoast Maine. Later that same year, she traveled to Espanola, New Mexico to pursue Kundalini Yoga teacher certification and has taught local classes ever since.

Amy joined the team of wellness professionals at the Maine Beehive in the spring of 2014, after missing the world of collaborative practice. Passionate about expanding the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to health and healing, she and her colleagues at the Maine Beehive transitioned to Camden Whole Health in the spring of 2016.

Kundalini Yoga

Known as the "yoga of awareness", Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice created to activate life-force energy. Through a series of movement-based postures, each class (or Kriya) brings the individual closer to unlocking the vitality within. Practitioners who have taken Amy's class over a period of time report they feel more enlivened, stronger, and "better than I have felt in years". Because her classes are designed to meet specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs, regular practice yields a sense of waking up to life renewed, energetically aligned and prepared to manifest one's personal potential.


Additional achievements

Ongoing blogger for Asana International Yoga Journal & 

Member of PEN America

Member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance

Winner of the 2018 MWPA's Ilgenfritz Scholarship for writers of non-fiction

Motivational speaker for Girl's Inc & Mainely Girls​

Founding member of:

Topanga Girl's Circle

The Hot Mamas philanthropy group

Esprit Counseling

"I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to
live up to what light I have."


Abraham Lincoln