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Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #MeToo:

The College Student's Guide to Sexual Safety

For college-age young adults, this book offers a protocol for increasing the kind of personal and group empowerment that lowers risk while still allowing for all the fun and freedom of new independence.  In combination with the Be Strong, Be Wise safety education program, the author provides a direct, down-to-earth conversation about what it means to be safety-minded in the age of #MeToo. 

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Glen Stone 

Glen Stone tells the story of 12-year-old Phoebe Fletcher, who discovers a stone pillar deep in the forest bordering her Great Aunt Sarah's farm. The stone appears to be a tomb, whose inscription tells the story of a forest guardian, a "Golden One", named Lielle.  Phoebe and her cousin Alison set out to solve the mystery of the tomb and end up on a great adventure, one that links Lielle to their Aunt Sarah and forces the girls deeper into the forest toward the home of the forest guardians.

Channel Crossing: The Challenge and Success of Solo Parenting ​


The author and contributing writers unite in a fundamental precept: that single parenthood is more challenging as a family model, but produces a unique strength, self-mastery and resourcefulness that benefits both parents and children. The writers hold a bold and honest discussion of the social constructs that affect child-rearing, and the aspects of solo parenthood that don't get mentioned at play dates or school pickup. Channel Crossing explores the subject of single parenthood from a strength-based perspective using the poignant real-life stories of 26 parents who experienced it first-hand.


"Dancing with Fear/ Courting Bravery"

Psych Central, October 12, 2018

"Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Physics"​

Asana International Yoga Journal

November 18, 2018