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Be Strong, Be Wise:

The Young Adult's Guide to Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety

For teenagers and young adults, this bestselling book offers a protocol for increasing the kind of personal and group empowerment that lowers risk while still allowing for all the fun and freedom of growing independence.  In combination with the Be Strong, Be Wise safety education program, the author provides a direct, down-to-earth conversation about what it means to be safety-minded in the age of #MeToo. 

Be Strong, Be Wise:

5 Easy Steps to Discussing Sexual Ethics with Teens

For caring adults, the second book in the bestselling Be Strong, Be Wise series offers a road map for having "tough talks" with teens. Comprehensive and straightforward, this guide book supports parents, teachers, counselors and coaches in answering the question, "how do I help the young people I care about build healthy relationships and avoid toxic ones?"


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"Dancing with Fear/ Courting Bravery"

Psych Central, October 12, 2018

"Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Physics"​

Asana International Yoga Journal

November 18, 2018


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