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Counseling Methodology


I seek to support clients in cultivating and regenerating a relationship  with the self in order to experience deeper, more satisfying connections in the world. Shifting stuck patterns based on misperceptions left-over from earlier stages creates a sustainable path toward personal freedom. My passion lies in exploring the ways people maintain a questing spirit in the age of the 'quick fix' and manage life's challenges through the connecting power of joy. My methodology invites the search for a self that is free, aware of inner forces and living fully. As such, discovery and integration of healthy life rhythms is always a therapeutic goal.  I have been in practice for more than 25 years and have sought ongoing trainings in the following areas: Jungian analysis, transactional analysis, shamanic healing, trauma treatment, mindfulness practice and couples therapy.


Life Coaching works independent of, or in conjunction with psychotherapy. In part, life-coaching helps to name the old "contracts" of behavior and self-definition that disrupt personal fulfillment. Compassionate awareness of the reasons why these contracts were put in place originally helps in moving past them. Enhanced work life, relationships, health and self-confidence are just some of the results when one is no longer held captive by hold habit forms.




Couples Counseling

Women in Transition

Grief and Loss



Transactional Analysis


My wellness philosophy is that true healing does not take place in a vacuum, and change doesn’t usually come from using just one method or modality. As a firm believer in collaboration of all sorts, I love working with a clinical team who is able to meet people where they’re at through more than one healing lens.  As a result, awareness is made possible on multiple levels, providing deeper, more finely nuanced healing. Lucky for me, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some amazing practitioners who teach me daily, and who have a profound commitment to their work.

Mind/Body Healing

Working with Deborah Cautela, LMT, has been a consistently rewarding experience. Deborah is a massage therapist and movement therapist with a huge heart and a love for the healing process.  Deborah and I have both participated in trainings with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (trauma expert and author of the The Body Keeps the Score) and found tremendous effectiveness from pairing psychotherapy with body work, particularly in trauma treatment. 

Deborah’s contact info: (207) 691-0730, Email:, Website:

Couple's Counseling

When it comes to couples counseling, there's no better partner than Casey Heard, LCPC. Casey is a psychotherapist and close colleague who has collaborated with me in creating a unique couple’s therapy model.  Now in its third year, we hear many positive reports from clients on how helpful the model is in dealing head-on with the tough stuff of relationship break-down. With two practitioners, one for each partner, and the possibility of a day-long intensive workshop, treatment response is customized to the needs of the couple.  Getting the Love You Want, by Horville Hendrix and Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages are just a few resources we call upon in helping couples bridge the gap in their communication differences.

Emotional Release and Psychotherapy

Collaborating with Stevie Reinwand, ERF, has been meaningful and expansive right from the start. Stevie is a truly gifted clinician with incredible intuitive skill. As an Emotional Release Facilitator, she and I have partnered together on several occasions, with great outcomes each time. Through the power of visualization and response “testing”, Stevie is able to lead her clients through their most difficult life chapters in a way that releases emotional blocks and opens new understandings of difficult relationship patterns. When combined with psychotherapy, clients have the opportunity to experience emotional freedom and the empowerment necessary to create lasting change.

Stevie’s contact info: (801) 891-2402

"The brain is wider than the sky."


Emily Dickinson


Couples Counseling
Women in Transition
Grief and Loss
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Transactional Analysis
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